Friday, April 18, 2014

Growing Up Too Fast!

This baby boy is growing up way too fast!  I can't believe he is over 3 months already!  His first 2 months were pretty rough and included many hours of crying (both by him and his mama!).  Now he is the sweetest cuddliest baby ever!  He is beginning to put some weight on his legs when held up and has started to try and roll over. The other kids are having so much fun with him and they still fight over whose turn it is to hold him.  He is one very loved little boy!



melanie said...

What a cutie!
Isn't it amazing how long the days/nights feel when you have an unhappy little one... then how quickly they pass, and suddenly they are no longer little!
Glad you are enjoying better days now -- while he is still so cuddly! :-)

Conny said...

awww, thanks for giving us an update on your newest little one!!

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